Friday, July 31, 2009

Glass: A Journal of Poetry New Issue Out!

Glass: A Journal of Poetry Issue Two Volume Two is now available at There you'll find a segment of my poem And Then Like a Saber, a strange, hopefully dangerous love poem.....

Their motto:
"Poetry that enacts the artistic and creative purity of glass"

poor little Gregor Samsa and his metaphor

Once a little metaphor exhausted of its meaning, crept from the abstraction it was born to represent, and attempted to live within the world itself...that was the little fairy tale dreamt to write the poem "Gregor Samsa", which Other Rooms just accepted. It will be posted soon at

Help support the hungry, tired metaphors...they need your help!!! Poet's Ink

Wonderful news! It's been an astounding week for publications. Upon returning from a photography trip to the Oregon coast, I've received word my poem Hypotheticals will be published in the September issue of Poet's Ink. Please support both myself and their publication by checking it and their other work out at This poem was a musing on what is left undone in life, particularly the lack of certain concrete things, like children, things expected but oft not fulfilled, and whether that in itself signifies failure....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Open Letters

Open Letters: A Monthly Arts and Literature Review will be publishing my poem Surely I'm Convinced in their January 2010 Poetry issue. The editor references the poem's "Stevens-like ambiguity", which are very kind words indeed...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new Wilderness House Literary Review now out!

Check out for the new Wildnerness Literary Review, containing some excellent work of poetry, fiction, and essays, including two of my love poems......

ahh, the art of raining...

Silenced Press (, a journal and small literary press, has just accepted The Art of Raining for their online publication. Please check them out! I adore the quote prefacing this poem, a single line amidst the chaos of Pablo Neruda's intelligent and oft big-headed memoir. I still cannot confine with definition 'the art of raining', cannot build walls around or perspective upon a concept as fluid as the metaphor within it, but it yawns and stretches within me back to childhood, through the future, seeming to connect every memory I cherish and every memory I fear...the art of raining...something we cannot lose...

The Art of Raining

“The art of raining…has now been lost.”
-Pablo Neruda, Memoirs

I walked blindly into her hands,
the sea somewhere behind me,
asking why.

What fire, wind, and rain
has chosen to leave standing
and the ferocity of the vanished’s

returning, often in conversations silenced
over vast tablefuls of food and friends,
that moment all consent to mass introspection,

often too in bullet casings, polished silver,
lodged in the lung of endless answer-waiting,
when extraction could shut down the whole system.

Once we spoke the unspeakable, but no longer.
Is this the belief she whispers to my sleep, as if from Isla Negra?
That somehow tears are wine if we admit our weeping?

The sky over the sea, blindly eyeing my back,
storms and calms and wonders
why our countless words for rain.

To it there is one, synonymous with love,
and one for love, synonymous with why,
and one for why, synonymous with rain.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Poem in an Upcoming Chapbook- River Anthology

The River Poets Journal ( will be publishing a chapbook later this year anthologizing poems about specific rivers. I am excited to hear my poem, Two Hometowns on the Same River, will be included! If interested, they are still accepting submissions for this chapbook until 9/30/09 (guidelines online). Two Hometowns on the Same River was composed about the Danube, which connects many major Eastern and Central European cities, and near which a friend's father grew up in a small village in Romania. After a long conversation with him at a wedding, in which he half-drunkenly rolled through a litany of childhood memories, I returned to my own memories of the river...resulting in this poem...

River Poets Journal Publishing Love Poem "Reunion"

Reunion, a multi-sectioned love poem written in Vienna, has now been accepted by River Poets Journal. The issue in which it will be published is due Oct./Nov. 2009. Please check out the journal at

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hawaii and Portland

It's presently 3:50am and I've just woken for my flight to Portland and beginnings of new experiences, friends, poetries, and fresh air to find a journal I admire, The Hawaii Review, has accepted my poem This Other Island for their upcoming print edition. What a wonderful way to inaugurate this new journey in my life!