Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amarillo Bay Publishes Two Poems!! May 2009 Issue

Hours before my flight, I am pleased to find out Amarillo Bay has accepted two of my poems for their May 2009 issue. "Stillborn Calf" and "Idaho, Moments After Sunset" can be found the third Monday of May at As I'll soon be driving cross country again, I'm particularly pleased these two poems, written during just such an adventure, have found a home. What a nice sendoff!

Off to Portland!!

Hopping a plane early Friday morning bound for Portland, OR, soon to be home sweet home. I'm hoping to attend a few open mics and readings while there but will be unable to post them here as I'll be computerless. Fingers crossed to meet some like-minded poets and artists in my week's visit.

Miranda poems now available online!

Check out to find a few of my poems in Miranda's Spring 2009 issue. The print version is still in the making but should be available next week. Also, they'll be creating a Miranda video channel of poet's readings, so hopefully I'll be able to post some live feed up there soon!

Monday, April 27, 2009

River Oak Review Winter 2009 issue out!

The Winter 2009 River Oak Review just hit the shelves! It contains "Winter Sequence, Santorini" in its pages. Check it out!!

Poetry is Dead, Says the Poet

My poem "Poetry is Dead, Says the Poet", my little proletariat daydream of working in a factory and spouting revolutionary poetry to the machines and myself, has just been accepted and is being displayed by The November Third Club! The website is

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Federico Garcia Lorca's second time around/ Language and acceptance

My poem For Federico Garcia Lorca, previously published by Barnwood International, has now been accepted at for their Winter 2010 edition due out December 2009.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Streak Continues/Affirmation/nibble accepts a poem

nibble ( has just accepted my poem "Winter" for their upcoming print edition, Issue 7, though it can also be found at the above address soon.

nibble is a paper and staple poetry magazine that focuses on the best in short poetry. Editor: jeff fleming.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Week Goes On/2 Poems Accepted by Verdad!!

Rounding off the most productive week of acceptances in my journey so far, I just received word that two poems will soon be published by Verdad. "As Summer Sinks Over Erlauf Lake" and "Hostel Room on Sofokleous Street" can both be found soon at The former was composed in a rural area of northern Austria, quite a calming location; the latter in Athens city center, while staying at a tight, nightmarish hostel in 110 degree heat while the noises of the city, mostly motorbikes and stray cats, reminded me the night belongs to more than crickets...but i'm excited they'll be shown side by side, a balance, contradictory, no?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In My Darkest

In My Darkest
In Autumn, yours is the last
flower still clinging to color

A flower

writhing in death’s arid wind
as dirt flesh parches, raises,
and cracks
but with crippled fight

your rooted moisture infuses
yellow sun
green pine
well into frost

-previously published by Amperstand



From here you run,
a fistful of dirt to a dying tree,
tasting of washed socks
left too long on the line.
The sun below opening its hidden door.
The sand raining down from empty skies.

In that the swans avoid you, I hear
your innate stillness, the silence
of a thousand bodies, your eyes
blackened by history. None were your
conquests. None your blood.
But you smell of both,
allowing me to swim
your ample inheritance.

Each stroke, my arms strike stone,
cold thousand-eyed alabaster.
My once-powerful legs churn
your sorrow. I live the moment
between your poetries
and am liberated by the dawns
that have passed you over.

Perhaps the next sun will dry you
to grain or wheat, so exultantly
you can extinguish
this vast world light.


You carry the city I call upon
to replant my roots. I am grateful
for the way you hush violins
and squeeze between the shadows,
unnoticed. The green song of air
tooted from the hundred green hills.
The blue song of penitence
beaten into the streets. The red and gold
banners of daybreak. The sly vermilion grin
of twilight.

In your deftness and blindness I huddle,
saturated, a mangy alley cat
or any small animal
wounded by ego, shuddering
at my hands of water.

Touching but my flesh, you cannot crack me.
My master’s hands are stars
I name for the dead
and clouds painting the faces
I have been blessed to erase.

But you wash me like a bird’s wings until almost
I am alone. Like you.
Bypassing yesterdays, celebrating silence,
testifying to nothing.

O haggard, hallowed river, mighty for a time.
The many names history crowns you
are broken bells. They will not ring
tomorrow. Their voice is already crackling.

-previously published by Hot Metal Press

What a week!/4th Acceptance/Southwestern American Literature

What a week! Finally received my acceptance to Portland State University's MA in Book Publishing program, began planning my first visit next month, and now received my fourth acceptance...all since Monday. Breaking all sorts of records. 10 poems published in one week. Six rejections within two days. The world balances itself so perfectly...

Southwestern American Literature, out of Texas State University, has accepted "Escalante Bat Hymn" for their Fall 2009 print edition. The poem was written on a rather strange night in Escalante, Utah two summers ago, while bats danced and cut paths through the descending evening, and I'm excited it's finally found a home. Sometimes the path a poem takes, from inspiration to words to publication, resembles just such a dance...or "hymn"...

Fingers crossed for tomorrow's mail!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a week!/Persistance pays off/White Whale Review accepts 3 poems!

A few hours after hearing great news about my Miranda Literary Magazine acceptance, I just received word that White Whale Review will be publishing three of my poems in their upcoming second issue. "A Kind of Loss", "Songs and Visions", and "Rainy Season" will soon be available at

What a week!!

Miranda Literary Magazine acceptance- 4 poems!

Just a few days after the last acceptance and blog posting, I just received word that Miranda Literary Magazine will be publishing four poems of mine in their Spring 2009 issue."Strangers on a Beach", "Between the Sand and the Wooden Planks", "An Incomplete Picture of Weather", and "An Experience With Metals" can be found soon at They were each composed in a different location and about a different location, from Santorini to Glouchester to Prague, and I am excited Miranda has accepted them, in all their diversity of language and geography. Thank you, Ron!

And per above imagine, Miranda is kicking off a "The Sea" anthology series with a deadline of June 30. Info at:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Poetry Reading- Sat. 4/18 Brockton Public Library

2-5pm. Brockton Public Library, 304 Main St., Brockton, MA, 02301, (508) 580-7890.

I'll be reading some new work at the above venue this coming Saturday.

2 poems accepted at The Oklahoma Review

I just received word that two poems written in and about the southwest, "South Texas Shadow" and "Badlands", have been accepted by The Oklahoma Review for their Spring 2009 issue. They will be available online soon at