Friday, April 27, 2012


Here's a link to an article a journalism student at the University of Washington just wrote, about me of all things...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Colder Climates on Nook and Kindle

From Colder Climates is now available for for your Kindle! CLICK HERE to read it.

Also available for your Nook! CLICK HERE to read it.

Both versions are only 99 cents!

The Longest Compass now out!

My latest chapbook, The Longest Compass, has just been released from Finishing Line Press!

CLICK HERE for more info or to purchase.

Reveling in the pleasures of language, this work speaks with those "...words born of soul," words that do indeed "belong to neither the object nor the poet." As he evokes a world lit by multiple and masked suns, John Sibley Williams gives us oblique glimpses--objects viewed through the lenses of shadow, halo, dust, and fog. His poetry possesses the lyric power to "...hold together like a mouth/ the hard sea, harder earth,/ and what falls from our hands/ along the way."

- Paulann Petersen
Oregon Poet Laureate

- - - - -
John Sibley Williams opens his chapbook with a question: "Why fret the vastness of the world?" His answer is no matter where you are, every moment is an experience uniquely your own. It is regardless of whether you're in an Alpine meadows, or on the banks of the Danube, or somewhere in Vienna but what you make of the moment that Williams focuses on. "One bouquet takes the place of success, happiness." This chapbook is very much about living and relishing the moment, wherever that moment happens to be.

- J.P. Dancing Bear
Editor, The American Poetry Journal

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cream City Review

I'm honored to the Cream City Review will be publishing my poem "Older Testaments" in their upcoming Spring 2012 issue!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Colder Climates - out now!

I'm excited and honored to have my latest chapbook, From Colder Climates, arrive today, featuring the mysterious and fascinating artwork of Mark S Struzan. There are two versions, the $7 'green' edition and the $12 'signature' edition. Alth...ough both are beautifully done, I'm truly taken aback by the latter version, which incorporates so many different paper types and hand-sewn designs and includes a stark black cover.

Thank you again Folded Word Press and its editor Jessica Sudborough Graustein for publishing it!

Book and ordering info is HERE.

Or you can always get it through me, and I'll include a nifty signed postcard from the book! :)