Friday, May 22, 2009

New chapbook near completion!

I'm in the midst of completing compilation of a new chapbook, The House We Live In, to submit to contests. The gist, if one can be so arbitrary, is a mix's the blurb I'll be including on cover letters:

At its heart a single question struggling to use language to clarify and answer itself, The House We Live In exposes an ongoing conversation about God, politics, otherness, and our attempts to place a period at the end of any sentence. From appreciation of Hafiz, Kabir, Rilke, and the dreams we forget upon waking, The House funnels personal conundrums and uncertainties through experiences accrued worldwide, from Damascus to Reykjavik, and through everything newspapers say and do not say. The House spans 26 poems over 35 pages, broken into two books, each focusing on a different attempt to answer the question that, by the end, continues to struggle with its own definition.

Wish me luck! I've some confidence in this piece...

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