Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Write to Publish Flash Fiction Contest Winners!

Ooligan Press is proud to announce the winners of the 2010 Write to Publish Flash Fiction Contest.

First place: “The Woman and Her Steed” by Traci Schatz
Second place: “Assumptions” by Erin Popelka
Third place: “Esophagi” by Meredith Barrett

We received many strong stories with unique voices, imagery, and characters, but these three writers stood tall amongst their competition. You can read all three winning stories at www.ooligan.pdx.edu.

Each winner brought a different strength and focus to the contest. “The Woman and Her Steed” creates a thoughtful, mysterious mood with touches of artistic imagination and magical realism. “Assumptions” brings us to a lonely station in Antarctica where food, and friends, are in short supply. “Esophagi” uses rich, detailed description to paint a truly emotional scene.

The prizes for all winners include a Write to Publish full-day pass (5 workshops) to Workshop Day, May 22, as well as two tickets to the open house. Each winner will also receive a copy of You Have Time for This, Ooligan’s book of contemporary American flash fiction.

Ooligan supports the art of the short story, with the previous compilations Do Angels Cry?, The Survival League, The Weight of the Sun, and You Have Time for This. All books are available at our website.

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