Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When BluePrintReview editor, Dorothee Lang, discovered that two pairs of Issue 27 collaborators (Farfel Lombard with Rosemary Lombard and Staci Cole and I) lived in the Portland, Oregon, area and that Rosemary and I were friends, she suggested we blog about it. In fact, I was recently honored to present a discussion on my poetry process to Last Monday Poetry, which Rosemary co-directs.

Both Rosemary and I got the idea to submit from a mutual friend, Anatoly Molotkov (fine poet, novelist, musician, artist), when he posted the journal information on Facebook. If, back at submittal time we had mentioned sending our work to BluePrintReview, we wouldn't have been so surprised when it converged in a journal on the other side of the far ocean.


The artwork for “Overtures” had already been completed by Staci Cole. When I saw the piece, I felt an immediate emotional resonance and also believed there was a story hidden within it— the ambiguity of poetry and concreteness of fiction. I set out to compose a poem wholly within my own style, using my own tropes, that both matched the mood of the piece and provided it with a literary context.

We have used this process on another work together and hope to eventually build a hybrid chapbook series of art/poem conversations similar to “Overtures”. Staci is also working on the cover art for my upcoming chapbook, The Longest Compass, due out late 2011/early 2012 by Finishing Line Press.

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