Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autobiography of Fever (chapbook) now out!

I'm honored to announce the release of my new chapbook, Autobiography of Fever. It's Bedouin Books' 2011 Annual Poetry Chapbook.

ISBN: 978-09832987-3-1 / 20pp.


It's available via Bedouin Books, and there are excerpts posted to see if you enjoy what you'll read :)

I hope you pick it up and, more importantly, that it resonates.

Here's the back cover blurb:

‎'John Sibley Williams' poems carry Michael McClure's conversational tone along with H.D.'s explorations in an auto-mythology. we are taken to the poet's place of parallel lines along the path to a city still being constructed at once with doors, bridges, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. the machine in the garden rusts here as the poet pleads, sings and questions for all that is solid to melt into air with the feverish flight of the hummingbird. '

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