Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 new publications!

Within a few weeks I've received three bits of good news.!

Barnwood International Poetry has accepted "Left Hand" and "For Federico Garcia Lorca" for publication. This will be my first official payment for poetry, so I'm very excited. I might have to cash the check and frame the dough. These poems are not online yet, but they will be within the next month or two. Barnwood's main website is: http://web.mac.com/tomkoontz/Site_3/Mag.html.

Seven Circles Press has accepted for both their print and online editions four poems: "Bonfires", "A Train to the Coast", "Those Washed By the Sea", "A Night’s Song for Lake Traunsee". Online they can be found at http://www.sevencirclepress.com/johnsibleywilliams.htm.

Finally, Ghoti has accepted two of my older, less mature and more non-traditional poems, odd selections indeed: "Autism" and "Upon Looking Up at Kahlo’s Unos Cuantos Piquetitos, She Just Hung Over Our Bed". They will be displayed in Issue 17 in January 2009 at http://www.ghotimag.com/.

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