Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On such a monumental moment, huddled with coworkers, clapping, some with tears welling up, I'm again struck that this is one of the first times in our generation the American and international public can be proud of our country. I truly feel for our new president. Not only are the difficulties handed down to him immense, but there's also this expectation in the air that no human can really achieve. We're expecting the world (literally) from him. Though he can only do so much, he has proved himself the perfect person to reach into all divides and lay waste to the faulty reasoning behind them. All my time in Europe has proved them expect as much. I try not to get too caught up in this belief in complete change. As much of this is in our hands as his. But if ever the time was right and if ever the right person was standing before us and if ever we've all been joined together to combat so many simultaneous struggles...it is now...and him...and it's hard not to think, perhaps, it will be our hands that will reshape our nation...

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