Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hoboeye internship!

Having met today with its literary editor, Mitchell McInnis, I have just been offered an internship at the literary and arts magazine Hoboeye! ( The position exactly matches my interest in and passion for both the editorial and community-building aspects of poetry and art, the formal mechanics and fostering relationships, the written and conversational communications. The organic sense of community Hoboeye fosters and I will be a part of nurturing is very much what I sought in moving west: to retain substance while linking poetry to other artistics forms, of taking the page and allowing it to be heard, witnessed, and experienced as a form of shared communication. It feels like one of potentially many doors that are opening in Portland, each allowing access to larger parts of the "the house we live in" (to quote Hafiz), each somehow connected to each other. I've finally been redeeming my own literary passions from the solitude of actual writing and submitting, which should only be a part of the life of a fully-functioning, socially-aware artist...

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