Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Poet's Ink out now!!

The Sept. 2009 issue of Poet's Ink is now available online at Please check it out. My poem Hypotheticals headlines this issue....

Here's a glimpse...


The sturdy iron pipes supporting our city
will rust. The immutable blast of lilacs
now pummeling our senses
will evaporate into Autumn.
The blood on Achilles’ sword
has long since crusted brown,
cracked, flaked into nonexistence.
Even the sword itself
has regressed to written word.
We are left to imagine its luster.

Day’s sonorous whine, already night.
At night, we mortar the bricks
of impermanence. What if history
gorged more on truth than myth
and our glass-framed bodies
would never crush beneath pestle
to a gentle whiff of bone?
What if our eyes and hearts
spoke the language of shared morning
and for one morning we agreed on an answer?
I’m left to savor him here, amongst inane hypotheticals-
my child left unborn.

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